Globe Tanaka Thong

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7 Reasons to wear these GLOBE Pluggers 

1. Your feet enjoy the fresh air. It’s a great relief from having them stuffed in shoes all day, especially when it’s hot out.

2. Easy in, easy out. Just slip them on when you’re in a hurry and take them off whenever you step inside.

3. Take them off even when you’re out = more freedom for your feet!

4. No smelly feet when you take them off. The air naturally disperses the odours so they’re sort of clean smelling…

5. Lots of styles. There’s rubber ones for the swimming pool or the beach. Leather ones to go out. Plenty of colours and fabrics. You won’t be bored with what you wear, just like shoes.

6. Cheaper than your average shoe. 

7. Wear them anytime, anywhere, with anyone.